Digital Portfolio

This is the digital portfolio for Tracy Z. Maleeff. Below are links to all my presentations that have been recorded. Also, see examples of my written work on the Publications page. See a list of speaking engagements here.

DEF CON (Recon Village) – Into the Bird’s Nest: A Comprehensive Look at Twitter as a Research Tool (July 2017) [video]

BSidesCharm (April 29, 2017) “The Battle for OSINT: Are you Team GUI or Command Line?” co-presented with Joe Gray [slides]

BSidesNoVA (February 25, 2017) “Networking with Humans to Create a Culture of Security

Peerlyst webinar moderator (December 19, 2016) “PeerTalk™: Women in InfoSec Talking About Security Trends

Advanced Persistent Security Podcast (December 12, 2016) “Episode 28 – Holiday Special with Tracy Z. Maleeff

Application Security Podcast Interview (December 6, 2017) “Natural Paranoia as a Career Path? A Transition to Security” (S01E13)

BSidesPhilly (December 2, 2016) “Staying Afloat in a Tsunami of Security Information

The Deception Chronicles Podcast (November 10, 2016) “Episode 02: Tracy Z. Maleeff

Advanced Persistent Security Podcast (September 12, 2016) “Episode 18 – Lessons in InfoSec with Tracy Z. Maleeff

Urban Librarians Unite’s Coffee Break Webinar Series (August 19, 2016) “Decrypting Cybersecurity for Librarians

Urban Librarians Unites’s Coffee Break Webinar Series (July 19, 2016) “Deep Tweets: Advanced Research Techniques for Twitter” Part One / Part Two

San Jose State University/Special Libraries Association Student Chapter Webinar Series
Sharpening Career and Networking Skills for Fun and Profit” (November 15, 2016)
Technical Tools and Information Security for Librarians” (March 31, 2016)
Always Be Networking: How to Create, Maintain, and Sustain Professional Relationships” (September 10, 2015)
Prep for Success: Your Career in Special Libraries…and Beyond!” (May 4, 2015)

Dow Jones (with the Special  Libraries Association) Innovate Award Introduction Video (June 8, 2014)